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We specialises in working with Oracle legacy systems and migrating them to newer Oracle technology, or helping customers continue to run them as legacy systems.

Our migration expertise and technology can significantly reduce your conversion costs. Our Forms*Facelift toolset helps us convert to any newer version of forms, and we now also convert to Oracle Apex.

You can email us at info@methodsoft.co.uk or see our contact details.

About The Company

Methodsoft has significant experience of Forms migrations and most of its staff have performed Oracle migrations for many years, specifically in the area of Forms and Reports. Most migrations take just a few weeks, so your system is frozen for the minimum amount of necessary time during the migration process.

Who have we helped recently?

Methodsoft has worked with many organisations including The UK Environment Agency, Cap Gemini, St Barts Hospital London, Northumbrian Water, West Mercia Police, Weyerhaeuser Inc (USA), Epic, Datadotcom (ITA), Bank of Costa Rica, Glaxosmithkline, The Neilsen Company, RUH Hospital Bath, and South Lanarkshire Council.

Migration Case Study

A case study for our migration with Northumbrian Water can be found here

FREE TRIAL - We offer a free trial migration of a few forms and/or reports to show you exactly how our migration tools and processes operate. Just contact us to find out how to take advantage of this easy to use process. Contact details here

NEW: 2 day Forms migration training course Click here for more details of our 6i to 10g/11g upgrade course.

NEW: Oracle RPT (Sql*report) migration tool, converts to HTML output.
See  reports conversion

NEW: Oracle Forms to Oracle Apex migration service, see details here

NEW: Weblogic 11g Forms and Reports installation steps for linux here

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